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"Hot August, Cool Cats" -- the 2019 TICA Northwest Regional Show

Cat on a beach chair Spokane, Washington

August 2-4, 2019


cats of the forest congresses

all breed cat show
(2 days, 12 rings)

cat agility trials

educational symposium

2019 TICA Northwest
Regional Awards Banquet

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Baker View Rags

CarolsCats - In loving memory of Lynn Judge

Cat Teasers and More

Comfy & Cozy Coons

Community Cat Coalition


Herus Abyssinians

Jewelspride Bengals

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Aoi Neko Maine Coons

CarolsCats Alter Boys

Dramatails Selkirk Rex

Kamisha Bengals

Meili Siamese & Orientals

Mountain View Maine Coons

PawTree Breeder Program

PreciousCurls American Curls

Skinisin Cattery Lykoi Cats Alberta (2 rings)

Traipse Bengals (2 rings)

Wintermist Siberians

Young At Heart Burmese (2 rings)


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